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PP-2008-42: Dekker, Paul (2008) A Guide to Dynamic Semantics. [Report]

PP-2003-16: Dekker, Paul (2003) The Pragmatic Dimension of Indefinites. [Report]

PP-2001-15: Dekker, Paul and van Rooy, Robert (2001) Bi-Directional Optimality Theory: An Application of Game Theory. [Report]

PP-2001-12: Dekker, Paul (2001) Dynamics and Pragmatics of ``Peirce's Puzzle''. [Report]

PP-2001-11: Dekker, Paul (2001) Meaning and Use of Indefinite Expressions. [Report]

PP-2001-14: Dekker, Paul (2001) On If and Only. [Report]

PP-2001-13: Dekker, Paul (2001) ``She'' 's Character. [Report]

PP-1999-12: Dekker, Paul (1999) Coreference and Representationalism. [Report]

PP-1999-11: Dekker, Paul (1999) The Semantics of Dynamic Conjunction. [Report]

LP-1998-15: Dekker, Paul (1998) Speaker's Reference, Descriptions and Information Structure. [Report]

LP-1997-02: Dekker, Paul (1997) On Denoting Descriptions. [Report]

LP-1997-03: Dekker, Paul (1997) On First Order Information Exchange. [Report]

X-1997-01: Dekker, Paul and Beaver, David (1997) Report on ECDS: An Interactive Course on the Internet. [Report]

LP-1996-12: Dekker, Paul (1996) Reference and Representation. [Report]

LP-1995-07: Dekker, Paul (1995) The Values of Variables in Dynamic Semantics. [Report]

LP-1994-11: Dekker, Paul (1994) Predicate Logic with Anaphora. [Report]

LP-1994-12: Dekker, Paul (1994) Representation and Information in Dynamic Semantics. [Report]

X-1993-01: Dekker, Paul (1993) Existential Disclosure (revised version of LP-1990-17). [Report]

LP-1993-06: Dekker, Paul (1993) Updates in Dynamic Semantics. [Report]

LP-1992-04: Dekker, Paul (1992) An Update Semantics for Dynamic Predicate Logic. [Report]

LP-1990-17: Dekker, Paul (1990) Existential Disclosure, Implicit Arguments in Dynamic Semantics (superseded by X-1993-01). [Report]

LP-1990-09: Dekker, Paul (1990) The Scope of Negation in Discourse, towards a Flexible Dynamic Montague grammar. [Report]

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