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ML-1996-03: Andréka, Hajnal and van Benthem, Johan and Németi, István (1996) Modal Languages and Bounded Fragments of Predicate Logic. [Report]


X-1996-02: Bakker, Arthur and Ziegler, Renatus (1996) Finsler-Mengenlehre. [Report]

LP-1996-11: Bartsch, Renate (1996) Propositional Attitudes in Dynamic Conceptual Semantics. [Report]

LP-1996-01: Bartsch, Renate (1996) Understanding Understanding. [Report]

ML-1996-12: Barwise, Jon and van Benthem, Johan (1996) Interpolation, Preservation, and Pebble Games. [Report]

LP-1996-02: Beaver, David (1996) Presupposition. [Report]

LP-1996-13: Bod, Rens and Scha, Remko (1996) Data-Oriented Language Processing: An Overview. [Report]

DS-1996-04: Bruggeman, Jeroen (1996) Formalizing Organizational Ecology. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.


LP-1996-08: Case, John (1996) The Power of Vacillation in Language Learning. [Report]


LP-1996-12: Dekker, Paul (1996) Reference and Representation. [Report]

ML-1996-04: Doets, Kees (1996) Proper Classes. [Report]

LP-1996-05: de Jongh, Dick and Kanazawa, Makoto (1996) Angluin's Theorem for Indexed Families of R.E. Sets and Applications. [Report]

DS-1996-03: den Berg, Martin H. van (1996) Some Aspects of the Internal Structure of Discourse: the Dynamics of Nominal Anaphora. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

LP-1996-09: der Does, Jaap van and Groeneveld, Willem and Veltman, Frank (1996) An Update on \em Might \em. [Report]


LP-1996-10: Gerbrandy, Jelle and Groeneveld, Willem (1996) Reasoning about Information Change. [Report]


DS-1996-01: Hendriks, Lex (1996) Computations in Propositional Logic. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

ML-1996-13: Hendriks, Lex (1996) Intuitionistic Propositional Logic with only Equivalence has no Interpolation. [Report]


LP-1996-03: Janssen, Theo M.V. (1996) Compositionality. [Report]


ML-1996-10: Kanovei, Vladimir (1996) On a Dichotomy related to Colourings of Definable Graphs in Generic Models. [Report]


LP-1996-06: Lepage, François and Lapierre, Serge (1996) The Functional Completeness of 4-value Monotonic Protothetics. [Report]


DS-1996-02: Montanari, Angelo (1996) Metric and Layered Temporal Logic for Time Granularity. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

ML-1996-07: Montanari, Angelo and Peron, Adriano and Policriti, Alberto (1996) Decidable Theories of $\omega$-Layered Metric Temporal Structures. [Report]

ML-1996-06: Montanari, Angelo and Policriti, Alberto (1996) A Decidable Theory of Finitely-Layered Metric Temporal Structures. [Report]

LP-1996-04: Muskens, Reinhard and van Benthem, Johan and Visser, Albert (1996) Dynamics. [Report]


ML-1996-05: Riis, Søren (1996) Count($q$) versus the Pigeon-Hole Principle. [Report]


CT-1996-02: Troelstra, A.S. (1996) From Constructivism to Computer Science. [Report]


X-1996-01: Visser, Ingmar (1996) Mind Rules: a Philosophical Essay on Psychological Rules and the Rules of Psychology. [Report]

LP-1996-07: Voorbraak, Frans (1996) Probabilistic Belief Expansion and Conditioning. [Report]

ML-1996-08: van Benthem, Johan and Montanari, Angelo and D'Agostino, Giovanna and Policriti, Alberto (1996) Modal Deduction in Second-Order Logic and Set Theory - II. [Report]

CT-1996-01: van Emde Boas, Peter (1996) The Convenience of Tilings. [Report]

LP-1996-14: van Lambalgen, Michiel and der Does, Jaap van (1996) A Logic of Vision: Preliminaries (preliminary to LP-1997-07: updated version on author's homepage). [Report]


ML-1996-01: Zambella, Domenico (1996) Algebraic Methods and Bounded Formulas. [Report]

ML-1996-11: Zambella, Domenico (1996) Forcing in Finite Structures (revised version of ML-1996-02). [Report]

ML-1996-02: Zambella, Domenico (1996) On Forcing in Bounded Arithmetic (superseded by ML-1996-11). [Report]

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