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CT-1997-03: Buhrman, Harry and van Melkebeek, Dieter (1997) Complete Sets under Non-Adaptive Reductions are Scarce. [Report]


ML-1997-03: D'Agostino, Giovanna (1997) The Łoś–Tarski and Lyndon Theorem for the $\mu$-logic. [Report]

LP-1997-02: Dekker, Paul (1997) On Denoting Descriptions. [Report]

LP-1997-03: Dekker, Paul (1997) On First Order Information Exchange. [Report]

X-1997-01: Dekker, Paul and Beaver, David (1997) Report on ECDS: An Interactive Course on the Internet. [Report]

MoL-1997-01: Dimitriadis, Dimitris (1997) Identity and Identification. [Report]

ML-1997-01: de Jongh, Dick and Japaridze, Giorgi (1997) The Logic of Provability. [Report]


LP-1997-05: Gerbrandy, Jelle (1997) Bisimulation and Bounded Bisimulation. [Report]

LP-1997-04: Gerbrandy, Jelle (1997) Dynamic Epistemic Logic. [Report]


ML-1997-04: Hodkinson, Ian and Mikulás, Szabolcs (1997) Non-finitely axiomatizable, union-free reducts of algebras of relations. [Report]


ML-1997-08: Kucera, Antonín and Terwijn, Sebastiaan A. (1997) Lowness for the Class of Random Sets. [Report]


ML-1997-02: Marx, Maarten (1997) Complexity of Modal Logics of Relations. [Report]

CT-1997-04: Muchnik, Andrei and Romashchenko, Andrei and Shen, Alexander and Vereshagin, Nikolai (1997) Upper Semi-Lattice of Binary Strings with the Relation ``$x$ is simple conditional to $y$''. [Report]


MoL-1997-03: Pauly, Marc (1997) Transforming Predicates or Updating States? Total Correctness in Dynamic Logic and Structured Programming. [Report]


MoL-1997-02: Semmes, Brian (1997) The Raisonnier-Shelah Construction of a Non-Measurable Set. [Report]

CT-1997-01: Smith, Carl H. (1997) Catagory, Measure, Inductive Inference: A Triality Theorem and its Applications. [Report]


ML-1997-07: Terwijn, Sebastiaan A. and Zambella, Domenico (1997) Algorithmic Randomness and Lowness. [Report]


X-1997-02: Vakarelov, Dimiter Ivanov (1997) Applied Modal Logic: Modal Logics in Information Science. [Report]

LP-1997-09: Voorbraak, Frans (1997) A Nonmonotonic Observation Logic. [Report]

LP-1997-01: van Benthem, Johan (1997) Dynamic Bits and Pieces. [Report]

ML-1997-06: van Benthem, Johan (1997) Modality, Bisimulation and Interpolation in Infinitary Logic. [Report]

ML-1997-05: van Benthem, Johan (1997) The Range of Modal Logic: an Essay in Memory of George Gargov. [Report]

LP-1997-08: van Benthem, Johan (1997) Wider Still and Wider... Resetting the Bounds of Logic. [Report]

LP-1997-10: van Eijck, Jan (1997) Dynamic Reasoning Without Variables. [Report]

LP-1997-06: van Eijck, Jan (1997) Typed Logic With States. [Report]

CT-1997-02: van Emde Boas, Peter (1997) Resistance is Futile; Formal Linguistic Observations on Design Patterns. [Report]

LP-1997-07: van Lambalgen, Michiel and der Does, Jaap van (1997) A Logic of Vision (expansion of LP-1996-14). [Report]

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