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LP-1998-09: Areces, Carlos and Becher, Verónica (1998) Iterable AGM Functions. [Report]

ML-1998-10: Areces, Carlos and Becher, Verónica and Ferro, Sebastián (1998) Characterization Results for d-Horn Formulas. [Report]

ML-1998-11: Areces, Carlos and de Jongh, Dick and Hoogland, Eva (1998) The Interpolation Theorem for IL and ILP. [Report]

CT-1998-05: Areces, Carlos and de Rijke, Maarten (1998) Expressiveness Revisited. [Report]


LP-1998-06: Bartsch, Renate (1998) The Formal Relationship between Dynamic Conceptual Semantics and Connectionist Neural Network Modelling. [Report]

LP-1998-03: Bartsch, Renate (1998) The Role of Consciousness and Intentionality in Perception, Semantics, Representations and Rules. [Report]


DS-1998-05: Dastani, Mehdi (1998) Languages of Perception. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

LP-1998-15: Dekker, Paul (1998) Speaker's Reference, Descriptions and Information Structure. [Report]

DS-1998-04: d'Agostino, Giovanna (1998) Modal Logic and Non-Well-Founded Set Theory: Translation, Bisimulation, Interpolation. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

LP-1998-12: de Jongh, Dick and van Ulsen, Paul (1998) Beth's Nonclassical Valuations. [Report]

ML-1998-03: de Nivelle, Hans (1998) Decoding the $E^+$-Class by an A Posteriori, Liftable Order. [Report]

CT-1998-01: de Nivelle, Hans (1998) Resolution Decides the Guarded Fragment. [Report]

LP-1998-02: der Does, Jaap van and de Hoop, Helen (1998) Type-shifting and Scrambled Definites. [Report]


MoL-1998-01: Gennari, Rosella (1998) Temporal Reasoning and Constraint Programming. [Report]

ML-1998-05: Givant, Steven and Venema, Yde (1998) The Preservation of Sahlqvist Equations in Completions of Boolean Algebras with Operators. [Report]

DS-1998-03: Grunwald, Peter (1998) The Minimum Description Length Principle and Reasoning under Uncertainty. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.


X-1998-02: Harrenstein, Paul (1998) From a Modal Point of View: a Logical Investigation into Modalities De Dicto and De Re. [Report]

MoL-1998-03: Hurvitz, Eyal (1998) Towards a Uniform Strategy of Plural Quantification? Iterative Cumulativity and the Witness Condition. [Report]


ML-1998-09: Iemhoff, Rosalie (1998) A Modal Analysis of Some Principles of the Provability Logic of Heyting Arithmetic. [Report]


ML-1998-06: Krivtsov, Victor N. (1998) A Negationless Interpretation of Intuitionistic Axiomatic Theories: Arithmetic and Analysis. [Report]

ML-1998-07: Krivtsov, Victor N. (1998) A Negationless Interpretation of Intuitionistic Axiomatic Theories: Higher-Order Arithmetic. [Report]


LP-1998-11: Monz, Christof and de Rijke, Maarten (1998) A Resolution Calculus for Dynamic Semantics. [Report]

LP-1998-10: Monz, Christof and de Rijke, Maarten (1998) A Tableaux Calculus for Ambiguous Quantification. [Report]


LP-1998-13: Rott, Hans (1998) "Just Because": Taking Belief Bases Seriously. [Report]

LP-1998-14: Rott, Hans (1998) Words in Contexts: Fregean Elucidations. [Report]

LP-1998-01: Rott, Hans and Pagnucco, Maurice (1998) Severe Withdrawal (and Recovery). [Report]


MoL-1998-02: Santos, Paulo E. (1998) Formalising the Common Sense of a Mobile Robot. [Report]


LP-1998-17: Terui, Kazushige (1998) Anaphoric Linking at Run Time: A Type-Logical Account of Discourse Representation. [Report]

DS-1998-01: Terwijn, Sebastiaan A. (1998) Computability and Measure. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

ML-1998-02: Troelstra, A.S. (1998) Concepts and Axioms. [Report]

ML-1998-01: Troelstra, A.S. (1998) Marginalia on Sequent Calculi. [Report]


ML-1998-13: Venema, Yde (1998) Canonical Pseudo-Correspondence. [Report]

ML-1998-04: Venema, Yde (1998) Points, Lines and Diamonds: a Two-Sorted Modal Logic for Projective Planes. [Report]

LP-1998-16: Venema, Yde (1998) Temporal Logic. [Report]

ML-1998-14: Venema, Yde and Stebletsova, Vera (1998) Undecidable theories of Lyndon algebras. [Report]

CT-1998-07: Voorbraak, Frans (1998) Optimising and Satisficing under Partial Ignorance. [Report]

ML-1998-08: van Benthem, Johan (1998) Dynamic Odds & Ends. [Report]

LP-1998-05: van Benthem, Johan (1998) Linguistic Grammar as Dynamic Logic. [Report]

ML-1998-12: van Benthem, Johan (1998) Modal Logic in Two Gestalts. [Report]

CT-1998-03: van Benthem, Johan (1998) Temporal Patterns and Modal Structure. [Report]

LP-1998-07: van Eijck, Jan (1998) Axiomatising Dynamic Logics for Anaphora. [Report]

LP-1998-08: van Eijck, Jan (1998) Incremental Dynamics. [Report]

CT-1998-06: van Eijck, Jan (1998) Programming with Dynamic Predicate Logic. [Report]

X-1998-03: van Emde Boas, Peter (1998) Formalizing UML; Mission Impossible? [Report]

X-1998-01: van Emde Boas-Lubsen, Ghica (1998) Feature Analysis of Business System 12. [Report]

CT-1998-04: van Emde Boas-Lubsen, Ghica and van Emde Boas, Peter (1998) Compiling Horn-Clause Rules in IBM's Business System 12 - an Early Experiment in Declarativeness. [Report]


CT-1998-02: Wassermann, Renata (1998) On Structured Belief Bases - Preliminary Report. [Report]

LP-1998-04: Wassermann, Renata (1998) Resource Bounded Belief Revision. [Report]


DS-1998-02: Zwart, Sjoerd D. (1998) Approach to the Truth: Verisimilitude and Truthlikeness. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

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