MoL-2019-20: Gatekeepers in Social Networks: Logics for Communicative Actions

MoL-2019-20: Belardinelli, Gaia (2019) Gatekeepers in Social Networks: Logics for Communicative Actions. [Report]

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Information control has been subject of investigation in the fields of information theory and social network analysis. Gatekeepers play a central role, as they are the agents that can manipulate the information flow between groups of agents. In this thesis, we present a formal model, which captures the essential properties of gatekeepers in a network. Firstly, we use graph theory to explore the structural dimension of gatekeepers. Secondly, we use notions from Dynamic Epistemic Logic and Coalition Logic to model the dynamism of their informational capabilities. We find that gatekeepers can be categorized in three distinct subclasses, which differ in terms of their structural properties, or type of information control. This approach contributes both to the field of information theory and communication science, by providing insights on which agents can exert information control and of what type, and to the ’logic in the community’ agenda, by investigating an intersection between logic and the social sciences.

Item Type: Report
Report Nr: MoL-2019-20
Series Name: Master of Logic Thesis (MoL) Series
Year: 2019
Subjects: Logic
Depositing User: Dr Marco Vervoort
Date Deposited: 28 Oct 2019 02:50
Last Modified: 28 Oct 2019 02:50

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