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CT-1994-11: Alechina, Natasha (1994) Logic with Probabilistic Operators. [Report]

ML-1994-11: Alechina, Natasha (1994) On One Decidable Generalized Quantifier Logic Corresponding to a Decidable Fragment of First-Order Logic. [Report]

X-1994-06: Alechina, Natasha and Smets, Philippe (1994) A Note on Modal Logics for Partial Belief. [Report]

X-1994-03: Alechina, Natasha and van Lambalgen, Michiel (1994) Correspondence and Completeness for Generalized Quantifiers. [Report]

CT-1994-10: Ambos-Spies, Klaus and Neis, Hans-Christian and Terwijn, Sebastiaan A. (1994) Genericity and Measure for Exponential Time. [Report]

CT-1994-09: Ambos-Spies, Klaus and Terwijn, Sebastiaan A. and Xizhong, Zheng (1994) Resource Bounded Randomness and Weakly Complete Problems. [Report]

CT-1994-08: Apt, Krzysztof R. and van Emde Boas, Peter and Welling, Angelo (1994) The STO-problem is NP-hard. [Report]

LP-1994-02: Arsov, Andrei (1994) Basic Arrow Logic with Relation Algebraic Operators. [Report]

ML-1994-07: Artëmov, Sergei and Chuprina, Artëm (1994) Logic of Proofs with Complexity Operators. [Report]

LP-1994-20: Bartsch, Renate (1994) The Myth of Literal Meaning. [Report]

LP-1994-19: Bartsch, Renate (1994) The Relationship between Connectionist Models and a Dynamic Data-Oriented Theory of Concept Formation. [Report]

LP-1994-17: Beaver, David (1994) Accommodating Topics. [Report]

LP-1994-16: Beaver, David (1994) When Variables Don't Vary Enough. [Report]

CT-1994-07: Bennett, Charles H. and Gács, Péter and Li, Ming and Vitányi, Paul M.B. and Zurek, Wojciech H. (1994) Thermodynamics of Computation and Information Distance. [Report]

CT-1994-01: Buhrman, Harry and Torenvliet, Leen (1994) On the Cutting Edge of Relativization: the Resource Bounded Injury Method. [Report]

ML-1994-09: D'Agostino, Giovanna and Montanari, Angelo and Policriti, Alberto (1994) A Set-Theoretic Translation Method for Polymodal Logics. [Report]

LP-1994-11: Dekker, Paul (1994) Predicate Logic with Anaphora. [Report]

LP-1994-12: Dekker, Paul (1994) Representation and Information in Dynamic Semantics. [Report]

CT-1994-13: Desain, Peter and Honing, Henkjan (1994) CLOSe to the edge? Advanced Object-Oriented Techniques in the Representation of Musical Knowledge. [Report]

LP-1994-18: Gardent, Claire (1994) Discourse Multiple Dependencies. [Report]

LP-1994-01: Gelev, Dimitar (1994) Introducing Some Classical Elements of Modal Logic to the Propositional Logics of Qualitative Probabilities. [Report]

LP-1994-13: Groenendijk, Jeroen and Stokhof, Martin and Veltman, Frank (1994) This Might Be It. [Report]

LP-1994-14: Groenendijk, Jeroen and Stokhof, Martin and Veltman, Frank (1994) Update Semantics for Modal Predicate Logic. [Report]

ML-1994-06: Hendriks, Lex and de Jongh, Dick (1994) Finitely Generated Magari Algebras and Arithmetic. [Report]

CT-1994-14: Honing, Henkjan (1994) The Vibrato Problem. Comparing two Ways to Describe the Intraction between the Continuous Knowledge and Discrete Components in Music Representation Systems. [Report]

CT-1994-05: Jiang, Tao and Seiferas, Joel I. and Vitányi, Paul M.B. (1994) Two heads are Better than Two Tapes. [Report]

CT-1994-12: Kalsbeek, Marianne (1994) Gentzen Systems for Logic Programming Styles. [Report]

ML-1994-05: Kanovei, V. (1994) IST is more than an Algorithm to prove ZFC Theorems. [Report]

X-1994-02: Kanovei, Vladimir and van Lambalgen, Michiel (1994) Another Construction of Choiceless Ultrapower. [Report]

LP-1994-05: Kurtonina, Natasha (1994) The Lambek Calculus: Relational Semantics and the Method of Labelling. [Report]

CT-1994-03: Lee, Ming and Tromp, John and Vitányi, Paul (1994) Sharpening Occam's Razor (extended abstract). [Report]

CT-1994-04: Lee, Ming and Vitányi, Paul (1994) Inductive Reasoning. [Report]

LP-1994-24: Leezenberg, Michiel (1994) Metaphor and Literacy. [Report]

X-1994-07: Leezenberg, Michiel (1994) The Shabak and the Kakais: Dynamics of Ethnicity in Iraqi Kurdistan. [Report]

LP-1994-22: Marx, Maarten and Mikulás, Szabolcs and Németi, István (1994) Taming Arrow Logic. [Report]

ML-1994-10: Nogina, Elena (1994) Logic of Proofs with the Strong Provability Operator. [Report]

LP-1994-08: Osherson, Daniel and Weinstein, Scott and de Jongh, Dick and Martin, Eric (1994) Formal Learning Theory. [Report]

CT-1994-02: Panconesi, Alessandro and Papatriantafilou, Marina and Tsigas, Philippas and Vitányi, Paul (1994) Randomized Wait-Free Distributed Naming. [Report]

ML-1994-08: Prijatelj, Andreja (1994) Free Algebras Corresponding to Multiplicative Classical Linear Logic and some Extensions. [Report]

LP-1994-07: Rakic, Nata~a (1994) Absolute Time, Special Relativity and ML$^\nu$. [Report]

LP-1994-03: Seligman, Jerry (1994) An algebraic appreciation of diagrams. [Report]

ML-1994-12: Selivanov, Victor (1994) Fine Hierarchy and Definability in the Lindenbaum Algebra. [Report]

LP-1994-10: Stein, Harry P. (1994) The Hazards of Harmony. [Report]

LP-1994-09: Stein, Harry P. (1994) Linguistic Normativity and Kripke's Sceptical Paradox. [Report]

X-1994-04: Stein, Harry P. (1994) Primitieve Normen: Lingu\"\i stische Normativiteit in het Licht van Kripke's Sceptische Paradox. [Report]

LP-1994-04: Swirydowicz, Kazimierz (1994) A Remark on the Maximal Extensions of the Relevant Logic \em R. [Report]

ML-1994-13: Vervoort, Marco R. (1994) An Elementary Construction of an Ultrafilter on $\aleph_1$ Using the Axiom of Determinateness. [Report]

ML-1994-02: Zambella, Domenico (1994) End Extensions of Models of Linearly Bounded Arithmetic. [Report]

ML-1994-01: Zambella, Domenico (1994) Notes on polynomially bounded arithmetic. [Report]

LP-1994-15: Zeevat, Henk (1994) The Mechanics of the Counterpart Relation. [Report]

LP-1994-23: der Does, Jaap van (1994) Cut Might Cautiously. [Report]

CT-1994-06: te Brake, Guido and Kok, Joost N. and Vitányi, Paul (1994) Model Selection for Neural Networks: Comparing MDL and NIC. [Report]

X-1994-05: van Benthem, Johan (1994) Logic and Argumentation. [Report]

X-1994-01: van Benthem, Johan (1994) Two Essays on Semantic Modelling. [Report]

LP-1994-06: van Benthem, Johan and Westerståhl, Dag (1994) Directions in Generalized Quantifier Theory. [Report]

ML-1994-03: van Benthem, Johan and de Jongh, Dick and de Lavalette, Gerard Renardel and Visser, Albert (1994) NNIL, A Study in Intuitionistic Propositional Logic. [Report]

ML-1994-04: van Lambalgen, Michiel (1994) Independence Structures in Set Theory. [Report]

LP-1994-21: van Leusen, Noor (1994) The Interpretation of Corrections. [Report]


DS-1994-03: Drost, Nicoline Johanna (1994) Process Theory and Equation Solving. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-1994-09: Fokkink, Wan (1994) Clocks, Trees and Stars in Process Theory. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-1994-10: Huang, Zhisheng (1994) Logics for Agents with Bounded Rationality. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-1994-04: Jaspars, Jan (1994) Calculi for Constructive Communication, a Study of the Dynamics of Partial States. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-1994-08: Kanazawa, Makoto (1994) Learnable Classes of Categorial Grammars. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-1994-02: Koorn, Jan Willem Cornelis (1994) Generating Uniform User-Interfaces for Interactive Programming Environments. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-1994-01: Schellinx, Harold (1994) The Noble Art of Linear Decorating. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-1994-07: Shavrukov, V. Yu. (1994) Adventures in Diagonalizable Algebras. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-1994-06: Zambella, Domenico (1994) Chapters on Bounded Arithmetic and on Provability Logic. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-1994-05: van Deursen, Arie (1994) Executable Language Definitions, Case Studies and Origin Tracking Techniques. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

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