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ML-1995-05: Alechina, Natasha and van Lambalgen, Michiel (1995) Generalized Quantification as Substructural Logic. [Report]

ML-1995-04: Andréka, Hajnal and van Benthem, Johan and Németi, István (1995) Back and Forth between Modal Logic and Classical Logic. [Report]

CT-1995-06: Apt, Krzysztof and Ben-Eliyahu, Rachel (1995) Meta-variables in Logic Programming, or the Praise of Ambivalent Syntax. [Report]

CT-1995-03: Apt, Krzysztof and Luitjes, Ingrid (1995) Verification of Logic Programs with Delay Declarations. [Report]


LP-1995-02: Baban, S.T. and Husein, S. (1995) Programmable Grammar of the Kurdish Language. [Report]

LP-1995-06: Beaver, David (1995) An Infinite Number of Monkeys. [Report]


LP-1995-07: Dekker, Paul (1995) The Values of Variables in Dynamic Semantics. [Report]

ML-1995-06: de Jongh, Dick and Visser, Albert (1995) Embeddings of Heyting Algebras (revised version of ML-1993-14). [Report]

LP-1995-04: der Does, Jaap van and Verkuyl, Henk (1995) Quantification and Predication. [Report]

LP-1995-08: der Does, Jaap van and van Eijck, Jan (1995) Basic Quantifier Theory. [Report]


CT-1995-05: Engelfriet, Joeri (1995) Minimal Temporal Epistemic Logic. [Report]


X-1995-01: Fischer, Sophie and Torenvliet, Leen (1995) The Malleability of $TSP_{2Opt}$. [Report]


LP-1995-09: Groenendijk, Jeroen and Stokhof, Marin and Veltman, Frank (1995) Coreference and Modality. [Report]

LP-1995-10: Groenendijk, Jeroen and Stokhof, Martin and Veltman, Frank (1995) Coreference and Contextually Restricted Quantification. [Report]


CT-1995-01: Kalsbeek, Marianne and Jiang, Yuejun (1995) A Vademecum of Ambivalent Logic. [Report]

ML-1995-03: Kanovei, Vladimir and van Lambalgen, Michiel (1995) On a Spector Ultrapower of the Solovay Model. [Report]

ML-1995-10: Kopylov, Alexei P. (1995) The Undecidability of Second Order Linear Affine Logic. [Report]


ML-1995-09: Ono, Hiroakira (1995) Decidability and Finite Model Property of Substructural Logics. [Report]


LP-1995-05: Rakic, Nata~a (1995) Past, Present, Future and Special Relativity. [Report]

ML-1995-08: Rosen, Eric (1995) Modal Logic over Finite Structures. [Report]


LP-1995-03: Swirydowicz, Kazimierz (1995) There exist exactly two Maximal Strictly Relevant Extensions of the Relevant Logic $R^\ast$. [Report]


CT-1995-02: Torenvliet, Leen and Trautwein, Marten (1995) A Note on the Complexity of Restricted Attribute-Value Grammars. [Report]

LP-1995-01: Trautwein, Marten (1995) Assessing Complexity Results in Feature Theories. [Report]


CT-1995-04: Vitányi, Paul (1995) Randomness. [Report]

CT-1995-07: Voorbraak, Frans (1995) Combining Unreliable Pieces of Evidence. [Report]

ML-1995-07: van Benthem, Johan (1995) Modal Foundations of Predicate Logic. [Report]

ML-1995-02: van Benthem, Johan and D'Agostino, Giovanna and Montanari, Angelo and Policriti, Alberto (1995) Modal Deduction in Second-Order Logic and Set Theory. [Report]

ML-1995-01: van Lambalgen, Michiel (1995) Randomness and Infinity. [Report]

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