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MoL-2003-07: Afanasiev, Loredana (2003) XML Query Evaluation via CTL Model Checking. [Report]

MoL-2003-03: Aucher, Guillaume (2003) A Combined System for Update Logic and Belief Revision. [Report]


PP-2003-25: Bezhanishvili, Nick and Hodkinson, Ian (2003) All normal extensions of S5-squared are finitely axiomatizable. [Report]

PP-2003-10: Blackburn, Patrick and Marx, Maarten (2003) Tableaux for Quantified Hybrid Logic. [Report]

PP-2003-27: Bod, Rens (2003) Explaining New Phenomena in Terms of Previous Phenomena. [Report]

PP-2003-11: Brendle, Jörg and Halbeisen, Lorenz and Löwe, Benedikt (2003) Silver Measurability and its Relation to other Regularity Properties. [Report]

DS-2003-02: Brouwer, Elisabeth Catherine (2003) Imagining Metaphors: Cognitive Representation in Interpretation and Understanding. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.


PP-2003-16: Dekker, Paul (2003) The Pragmatic Dimension of Indefinites. [Report]


PP-2003-26: Goldblatt, R. and Hodkinson, I. and Venema, Y. (2003) Erd\"os graphs resolve Fine's canonicity problem. [Report]

PP-2003-17: Goris, Evan (2003) Extending ILM with an operator for $\Sigma_1$-ness. [Report]


PP-2003-24: Hansen, Helle Hvid (2003) Monotonic Modal Logics. [Report]

DS-2003-03: Heguiabehere, Juan (2003) Building Logic Toolboxes. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2003-13: Hodkinson, Ian and Venema, Yde (2003) Canonical varieties with no canonical axiomatisation. [Report]

MoL-2003-05: Hötte, Tanja (2003) A Model for Epistemic Games. [Report]


DS-2003-01: Kooi, Barteld (2003) Knowledge, chance, and change. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2003-15: Kupke, Clemens and Kurz, Alexander and Venema, Yde (2003) Stone Coalgebras. [Report]


PP-2003-19: Löwe, Benedikt (2003) Determinacy for infinite games with more than two players with preferences. [Report]

PP-2003-14: Löwe, Benedikt (2003) A Hierarchy of norms defined via Blackwell games. [Report]

PP-2003-12: Löwe, Benedikt (2003) The Pointwise View of Determinacy: Arboreal Forcings, Measurability and Weak Measurability. [Report]

PP-2003-18: Löwe, Benedikt (2003) The Simulation Technique and its Consequences for Infinitary Combinatorics under the Axiom of Blackwell Determinacy. [Report]


MoL-2003-04: Mishne, Gilad (2003) Source Code Retrieval using Conceptual Graphs. [Report]

DS-2003-04: Monz, Christof (2003) From Document Retrieval to Question Answering. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.


PP-2003-23: Schlobach, Stefan (2003) Optimal Interpolation in ALC. [Report]


MoL-2003-02: Tala, Fadillah (2003) A Study of Stemming Effects on Information Retrieval in Bahasa Indonesia. [Report]

MoL-2003-06: Tsur, Oren (2003) Definitional Question Answering Using Trainable Classifiers. [Report]


PP-2003-20: van Benthem, Johan (2003) The Categorial Fine-Structure of Natural Language. [Report]

PP-2003-08: van Benthem, Johan (2003) Categorial Grammar at a Cross-Roads. [Report]

PP-2003-09: van Benthem, Johan (2003) Conditional Probability and Update Logic. [Report]

PP-2003-04: van Benthem, Johan (2003) The Epistemic Logic of IF Games. [Report]

PP-2003-03: van Benthem, Johan (2003) Is There Still Logic in Bolzano's Key? [Report]

PP-2003-21: van Benthem, Johan (2003) Logic and the Dynamics of Information. [Report]

PP-2003-01: van Benthem, Johan (2003) A Note on Modeling Theories. [Report]

PP-2003-07: van Benthem, Johan (2003) 'One is a Lonely Number': on the Logic of Communication. [Report]

PP-2003-06: van Benthem, Johan (2003) Rational Dynamics and Epistemic Logic in Games. [Report]

PP-2003-02: van Benthem, Johan (2003) Structural Properties of Dynamic Reasoning. [Report]

PP-2003-05: van Benthem, Johan (2003) What Logic Games are Trying to Tell Us. [Report]

PP-2003-22: van Benthem, Johan (2003) What One May Come to Know. [Report]

X-2003-01: van Ulsen, Paul (2003) Index of the Troelstra Archive. [Report]


MoL-2003-01: Zhou, Chunlai (2003) Some Intuitionistic Provability and Preservativity Logics (and their interrelations). [Report]

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