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MoL-2007-21: Achourioti, Theodora (2007) Logic, Normativity, and the A Priori. [Report]

PP-2007-12: Apt, Krzystof and Witzel, Andreas (2007) A Generic Approach to Coalition Formation. [Report]

PP-2007-11: Bader, Sebastian and Hitzler, Pascal and Hölldobler, Steffen and Witzel, Andreas (2007) A Fully Connectionist Model Generator for Covered. [Report]

MoL-2007-05: Baskent, Can (2007) Topics in Subset Space Logic. [Report]

MoL-2007-09: Bastiaanse, Harald (2007) Clarity in Non-Monotonic Logic. [Report]

MoL-2007-07: Bello, Marcello Di (2007) Formalizing Legislation in the Event Calculus: The Case of the Italian Citizenship Law. [Report]

PP-2007-40: Borensztajn, Gideon and Zuidema, Willem (2007) Bayesian Model Merging for Unsupervised Constituent Labeling and Grammar Induction. [Report]

PP-2007-33: Buldt, Bernd and Löwe, Benedikt and Müller, Thomas (2007) Towards a new epistemology of mathematics. [Report]

PP-2007-20: Caicedo, Xavier and Dechesne, Francien and Janssen, Theo M.V. (2007) Equivalence and quantier rules for logic with imperfect information. [Report]

MoL-2007-10: Chabot, David (2007) Individual-level Predicates and When-Conditionals. [Report]

PP-2007-19: Chevaleyre, Yann and Endriss, Ulle and Maudet, Nicolas (2007) Allocating Goods on a Graph to Eliminate Envy. [Report]

DS-2007-01: Cilibrasi, Rudi (2007) Statistical Inference Through Data Compression. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

MoL-2007-04: Daniëls, Tijmen R. (2007) Social Choice and Logic via Simple Games. [Report]

PP-2007-23: Endriss, Ulle (2007) Vote Manipulation in the Presence of Multiple Sincere Ballots. [Report]

PP-2007-36: Franke, Michael (2007) Interpretation of Optimal Signals. [Report]

PP-2007-35: Franke, Michael (2007) The Pragmatics of Biscuit Conditionals. [Report]

MoL-2007-08: Garin, Ori (2007) A computational model of reference. [Report]

PP-2007-38: Gencer, Çigdem and de Jongh, Dick (2007) Unifiability in extensions of K4. [Report]

PP-2007-15: Ghosh, Sujata and Löwe, Benedikt and Scorelle, Erik (2007) Belief Flow in Assertion Networks. [Report]

MoL-2007-20: Haan, Gustaaf (2007) How illiterates interpret syllogistic problems. [Report]

PP-2007-30: Hansen, Helle Hvid and Kupke, Clemens and Pacuit, Eric (2007) Bisimulation for Neighbourhood Structuress. [Report]

MoL-2007-16: Harris, Jesse Aron (2007) Revealing Concealment: A (Neuro-)Logical Investigation of Concealed Questions. [Report]

DS-2007-03: Hindsill, Darrin (2007) It's a Process and an Event: Perspectives in Event Semantics. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

MoL-2007-03: Hlynsson, Höskuldur (2007) Transfer Learning Using the Minimum Description Length Principle with a Decision Tree Application. [Report]

PP-2007-14: Janssen, Theo (2007) Compiler correctness and the translation of logics. [Report]

PP-2007-13: Janssen, Theo (2007) Independence and Hintikka games. [Report]

MoL-2007-11: Khomskii, Yurii (2007) Regularity Properties and Determinacy. [Report]

MoL-2007-15: Kissig, Christian (2007) Decidability of S2S. [Report]

MoL-2007-13: Klev, Ansten Mørch (2007) Extending Kleene's O Using Infinite Time Turing Machines. [Report]

PP-2007-28: Kontinen, Juha and Szymanik, Jakub (2007) A Remark on Collective Quantification. [Report]

PP-2007-18: Kontinen, Juha and Väänänen, Jouko (2007) On Definability in Dependence Logic. [Report]

MoL-2007-02: Koolen, Wouter (2007) Discovering the truth by conducting experiments. [Report]

MoL-2007-18: Kurzen, Lena (2007) Logics for Cooperation, Actions and Preferences. [Report]

PP-2007-01: Liu, Fenrong (2007) Diversity of Agents and their Interaction. [Report]

PP-2007-22: Löwe, Benedikt (2007) Visualization of ordinals. [Report]

PP-2007-32: Löwe, Benedikt and Müller, Thomas and Wilhelmus, Eva (2007) Mathematical knowledge: a case study in empirical philosophy of mathematics. [Report]

MoL-2007-12: Murthy, Sandeep (2007) Group-theoretic Methods for Bounding the Exponent of Matrix Multiplication. [Report]

MoL-2007-17: Ottens, Brammert (2007) Comparing Winner Determination Algorithms for Mixed Multi-Unit Combinatorial Auctions. [Report]

MoL-2007-22: Remen, Petter (2007) Automata on flows. [Report]

MoL-2007-19: Rodriguez, Raul Andres Leal (2007) Expressivity of Coalgebraic Modal Languages. [Report]

MoL-2007-23: Sangati, Federico (2007) Towards simpler tree substitution grammars. [Report]

DS-2007-04: Schulz, Katrin (2007) Minimal Models in Semantics and Pragmatics: Free Choice, Exhaustivity, and Conditionals. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2007-05: Seginer, Yoav (2007) Learning Syntactic Structure. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2007-29: Sevenster, Merlijn (2007) A strategic perspective on IF games. [Report]

DS-2007-02: Spiro, Neta (2007) What contributes to the perception of musical phrases in western classical music? Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2007-37: Szymanik, Jakub (2007) A Strong Meaning Hypothesis from a Computational Perspective. [Report]

PP-2007-27: Uckelman, Joel and Endriss, Ulle (2007) Preference Representation with Weighted Goals: Expressivity, Succinctness, Complexity. [Report]

PP-2007-31: Uckelman, Sara (2007) Anselm's Logic of Agency. [Report]

PP-2007-17: Uckelman, Sara L. and Schärfe, Henrik (2007) Historical and Conceptual Foundation of Diagrammatical Ontology. [Report]

PP-2007-16: Uckelman, Sara L. and Uckelman, Joel (2007) Modal and Temporal Logics for Abstract Space-Time Structures. [Report]

PP-2007-02: Vosmaer, Jacob (2007) Essentially Sigma-1 formulae in Sigma L. [Report]

PP-2007-34: Vosmaer, Jacob (2007) MacNeille completion and profinite completion can coincide on finitely generated modal algebras. [Report]

PP-2007-24: Wilhelmus, Eva (2007) Formalizability and Knowledge Ascriptions in Mathematical Practice. [Report]

MoL-2007-14: Winter, Joost (2007) Space Complexity in Infinite Time Turing Machines. [Report]

X-2007-03: Yang, Fan (2007) On HS=SH and Duality Theorems of Intuitionistic Descriptive Frames. [Report]

PP-2007-25: Zhang, Jialong and Liu, Fenrong (2007) Some Thoughts on Mohist Logic. [Report]

MoL-2007-01: Zvesper, Jonathan (2007) A Revised Version: Belief Revision and Epistemic Acts. [Report]

MoL-2007-06: de Vries, Gerben (2007) Formalizing Implicatures Using Extended Logic Programming. [Report]

PP-2007-39: ten Cate, Balder and Litak, Tadeusz (2007) The importance of being discrete. [Report]

PP-2007-10: van Benthem, Johan (2007) Actions that Make us Know. [Report]

PP-2007-06: van Benthem, Johan (2007) Inference in Action. [Report]

X-2007-01: van Benthem, Johan (2007) Intelligent Interaction: Dynamic Trends in Todays Logic. [Report]

X-2007-02: van Benthem, Johan (2007) An Interview on Logic and Games. [Report]

PP-2007-07: van Benthem, Johan (2007) LOGIC GAMES: from tools to models of interaction. [Report]

PP-2007-03: van Benthem, Johan (2007) Logic and Reasoning: Do the Facts Matter? [Report]

PP-2007-05: van Benthem, Johan (2007) Man Muss Immer Umkehren. [Report]

PP-2007-04: van Benthem, Johan (2007) Situation Calculus Meets Modal Logic. [Report]

PP-2007-08: van Benthem, Johan and Gerbrandy, Jelle and Pacuit, Eric (2007) Merging Frameworks for Interaction: DEL and ETL. [Report]

PP-2007-26: van Benthem, Johan and Ghosh, Sujata and Liu, Fenrong (2007) Modelling Simultaneous Games with Dynamic Logic. [Report]

PP-2007-09: van Benthem, Johan and Roy, Olivier and Girard, Patrick (2007) Everything else being equal: A modal logic approach to ceteris paribus preferences. [Report]

PP-2007-21: van Hees, Martin and Roy, Olivier (2007) Intentions, Decisions and Rationality. [Report]

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