PP-2020-07: Persuasive Argumentation and Epistemic Attitudes

PP-2020-07: Proietti, Carlo and Yuste-Ginel, Antonio (2020) Persuasive Argumentation and Epistemic Attitudes. [Pre-print]

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This paper studies the relation between persuasive argumentation and the speaker’s epistemic attitude. Dung-style abstract argumentation and dynamic epistemic logic provide the necessary tools to characterize the notion of persuasion. Within abstract argumentation, persuasive argumentation has been previously studied from a game-theoretic perspective. These approaches are blind to the fact that, in real-life situations, the epistemic attitude of the speaker determines which set of arguments will be disclosed by her in the context of a persuasive dialogue. This work is a first step to fill this gap. For this purpose we extend one of the logics of Schwarzentruber et al. with dynamic operators, designed to capture communicative phenomena. A complete axiomatization for the new logic via reduction axioms is provided. Within the new framework, a distinction between actual persuasion and persuasion from the speaker’s perspective is made. Finally, we explore the relationship between the two notions.

Item Type: Pre-print
Report Nr: PP-2020-07
Series Name: Prepublication (PP) Series
Year: 2020
Subjects: Logic
Depositing User: Dr Carlo Proietti
Date Deposited: 22 Feb 2020 17:23
Last Modified: 22 Feb 2020 17:23
URI: https://eprints.illc.uva.nl/id/eprint/1736

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