DS-1993-04: Extending Modal Logic

DS-1993-04: de Rijke, Maarten (1993) Extending Modal Logic. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

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This thesis is concerned with extensions of the standard modal language.
After the introduction in chapter 1, chapter 2 develops a general perspective
on modal logic according to which modal languages are primarily many-sorted
descreption languages for relational structures, mainly concerned with the
fine-structure of model theory. Moreover, the chapter presents a number of
central themes such as `expressivity', `combinations of modal logics',
`transfer of properties of modal logics to richer languages' and `connections
between modal logics'.

Chapters 3, 4 and 5 look into {\em specific} extended modal systems, e.g.
modal logics with a difference operator, a dynamic modal logic, and modal
systems that correspond to Peirce algebras. Some applications are sketched,
and the above themes are discussed for these systems. Furthermore, a method
for axiomatic completeness in systems with difference operators is presented
(chapter 3), and applied (chapters 4 and 5).

Chapters 6 and 7 are concerned with more {\em general themes} in extended
modal logic.
Chapter 6 develops the model theory of classes of basic modal logics with
the help of bisimulations. This results in general theorems about
definability and preservation. In addition, we give a characterization of
basic modal logic analogous to the well-known Lindstr\"om theorem for
first-order logic. Chapter 7 looks at extended modal formulas as classical
higher-order conditions on the underlying semantic structures. This chapter
formulates abstract and general algorithms that reduce higher-order
conditions corresponding to certain extended modal formulas to simpler

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Report Nr: DS-1993-04
Series Name: ILLC Dissertation (DS) Series
Year: 1993
Subjects: Language
Depositing User: Dr Marco Vervoort
Date Deposited: 14 Jun 2022 15:16
Last Modified: 14 Jun 2022 15:16
URI: https://eprints.illc.uva.nl/id/eprint/1961

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