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CT-1992-03: Apt, Krzysztof R. and Doets, Kees (1992) A new Definition of SLDNF-resolution. [Report]


LP-1992-05: Beaver, David I. (1992) The Kinematics of Presupposition. [Report]

LP-1992-02: Blackburn, Patrick (1992) Modal Logic and Attribute Value Structures. [Report]

LP-1992-06: Blackburn, Patrick and Spaan, Edith (1992) A Modal Perspective on the Computational Complexity of Attribute Value Grammar. [Report]


LP-1992-04: Dekker, Paul (1992) An Update Semantics for Dynamic Predicate Logic. [Report]

X-1992-05: de Haas, Erik and van Emde Boas, Peter (1992) Object Oriented Application Flow Graphs and their Semantics (revised version of CT-1992-01). [Report]

CT-1992-01: de Haas, Erik and van Emde Boas, Peter (1992) Object Oriented Application Flow Graphs and their Semantics (superseded by X-1992-05). [Report]

LP-1992-10: de Rijke, Maarten (1992) Meeting Some Neighbours (a dynamic modal logic meets theories of change and knowledge representation). [Report]

LP-1992-08: de Rijke, Maarten (1992) A System of Dynamic Modal Logic. [Report]


ML-1992-06: Gabbay, D.M. and Shehtman, Valentin B. (1992) Undecidability of Modal and Intermediate First-Order Logics with Two Individual Variables. [Report]

LP-1992-14: Groenendijk, Jeroen and Stokhof, Martin (1992) Interrogatives and Adverbs of Quantification. [Report]

LP-1992-07: Groenendijk, Jeroen and Stokhof, Martin (1992) A Note on Interrogatives and Adverbs of Quantification. [Report]

X-1992-03: Groeneveld, Willem (1992) Dynamic Semantics and Circular Propositions (revised version of LP-1991-03). [Report]


ML-1992-08: Hoofman, Raymond (1992) Information Systems as Coalgebras. [Report]


X-1992-02: Ignatiev, Konstantin N. (1992) The Closed Fragment of Dzhaparidze's Polymodal Logic and the Logic of S1 conservativity. [Report]


CT-1992-02: Kwast, Karen L. and van Denneheuvel, Sieger (1992) Weak Equivalence: Theory and Applications. [Report]


ML-1992-03: Markovic, Zoran (1992) On the Structure of Kripke Models of Heyting Arithmetic. [Report]

LP-1992-03: Mikulás, Szabolcs (1992) The Completeness of the Lambek Calculus with respect to Relational Semantics. [Report]


ML-1992-07: Schellinx, Harold (1992) How to Broaden your Horizon. [Report]

ML-1992-10: Shavrukov, V.Yu. (1992) A Smart Child of Peano's. [Report]

ML-1992-02: Skvortsov, Dmitrij P. and Shehtman, Valentin B. (1992) Maximal Kripke-type Semantics for Modal and Superintuitionistic Predicate Logics. [Report]


ML-1992-01: Troelstra, A.S. (1992) Comparing the Theory of Representations and Constructive Mathematics. [Report]

ML-1992-09: Troelstra, A.S. (1992) Realizability. [Report]


ML-1992-04: Vakarelov, Dimiter (1992) A Modal Theory of Arrows, Arrow Logics I. [Report]

LP-1992-01: Valencia, Víctor Sánchez (1992) Lambek Grammar: an Information-based Categorial Grammar. [Report]

X-1992-04: van Benthem, Johan (1992) Modeling the Kinematics of Meaning. [Report]

LP-1992-11: van Benthem, Johan (1992) A Note on Dynamic Arrow Logic. [Report]

LP-1992-09: van Benthem, Johan (1992) Quantifiers in the world of Types. [Report]


X-1992-01: Wansing, Heinrich (1992) The Logic of Information Structures. [Report]

LP-1992-12: Wansing, Heinrich (1992) Sequent Caluli for Normal Modal Propositional Logics. [Report]

LP-1992-13: Westerstæhl, Dag (1992) Iterated Quantifiers. [Report]


ML-1992-05: Zambella, Domenico (1992) Shavrukov's Theorem on the Subalgebras of Diagonalizable Algebras for Theories containing ID0 + EXP. [Report]

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