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PP-2008-27: Abramsky, Samson and Väänänen, Jouko (2008) From IF to BI, A Tale of Dependence and Separation. [Report]

X-2008-10: Adriaans, Pieter and van Benthem, Johan (2008) Introduction: Information is what information does. [Report]

PP-2008-11: Bezhanishvili, Guram and Bezhanishvili, Nick and de Jongh, Dick (2008) The Kuznetsov-Gerciu and Rieger-Nishimura Logics: The Boundaries of the Finite Model Property. [Report]

PP-2008-32: Bilkova, Marta and de Jongh, Dick and Joosten, Joost J. (2008) Interpretability in PRA. [Report]

X-2008-05: Bod, Rens (2008) Constructions at Work or at Rest? [Report]

PP-2008-24: Bod, Rens (2008) The Data-Oriented Parsing Approach: Theory and Application. [Report]

X-2008-06: Bod, Rens (2008) De Unificatie van Menselijke Cognitie. [Report]

PP-2008-23: Bod, Rens (2008) From Exemplar to Grammar: Integrating Analogy and Probability in Language Learning. [Report]

PP-2008-21: Bod, Rens (2008) Getting Rid of Derivational Redundancy or How to Solve Kuhn's Problem. [Report]

PP-2008-22: Bod, Rens (2008) Is the End of Supervised Parsing in Sight? [Report]

PP-2008-15: Buisman, Hylke and Kruitbosch, Gijs and Peek, Nadya and Endriss, Ulle (2008) Simulation of Negotiation Policies in Distributed Multiagent Resource Allocation. [Report]

PP-2008-14: Chevaleyre, Yann and Endriss, Ulle and Maudet, Nicolas (2008) Trajectories of Goods in Distributed Allocation. [Report]

X-2008-08: Cornelisse, Irma and Mast, Patrick and Smid, Ricus and Smits, Djura (2008) Obligationes: Making an interactive website around a medieval game. [Report]

DS-2008-10: Counihan, Marian (2008) Looking for logic in all the wrong places: an investigation of language, literacy and logic in reasoning. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2008-42: Dekker, Paul (2008) A Guide to Dynamic Semantics. [Report]

MoL-2008-09: Doost, Sara Ramezani Khorshid (2008) Nash Social Welfare in Multiagent Resource Allocation. [Report]

PP-2008-39: Dégremont, Cédric and Kurzen, Lena (2008) Modal Logics for Reasoning about Preferences and Cooperation: Expressive Power and Complexity. [Report]

X-2008-12: Endriss, Ulle and Goldberg, Paul W. (2008) Computational Social Choice 2008. [Report]

PP-2008-54: Ferdinand, Vanessa and Zuidema, Willem (2008) Language adapting to the brain: a study of a Bayesian iterated learning model. [Report]

PP-2008-53: Ferdinand, Vanessa and Zuidema, Willem (2008) An experiment in iterated function learning. [Report]

MoL-2008-01: Foster, Caroline (2008) The Problem of the Perfect Agent: Investigations into Determinism. [Report]

PP-2008-47: Franke, Michael and de Jager, Tikitu (2008) Now that you mention it: Awareness dynamics in discourse and decisions. [Report]

MoL-2008-02: Gaio, Silvia (2008) Gradability without Degrees. [Report]

MoL-2008-08: Galliani, Pietro (2008) Game values and equilibria for undetermined sentences of Dependence Logic. [Report]

PP-2008-55: Galliani, Pietro (2008) Probabilistic Dependence Logic. [Report]

PP-2008-44: Gheerbrant, Amélie and ten Cate, Balder (2008) Complete Axiomatizations of $MSO$, $FO(TC^1)$, $FO(LFP^1)$ on Finite Trees. [Report]

PP-2008-52: Ghosh, Sujata and Löwe, Benedikt and Saraf, Sanchit (2008) Pointer Semantics with Forward Propagation. [Report]

PP-2008-45: Ghosh, Sujata and Velázquez-Quesada, Fernando R. (2008) Expressing Belief Flow in Assertion Networks. [Report]

PP-2008-46: Gierasimczuk, Nina (2008) Identification through Inductive Verification. Application to Monotone Quantifiers. [Report]

DS-2008-04: Girard, Patrick (2008) Modal Logic for Belief and Preference Change. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2008-26: Groenendijk, Jeroen (2008) Inquisitive Semantics: Two Possibilities for Disjunction. [Report]

X-2008-03: Group (transl.), ILLC Latin Reading (2008) Parisian Obligations. [Report]

MoL-2008-10: Harten, Dewi S. (2008) How to solve the conjunction fallacy? A discussion of alternative approaches. [Report]

MoL-2008-06: Icard, Thomas (2008) Models of the Polymodal Provability Logic. [Report]

PP-2008-41: Joosten, Joost J. and Passmore, Grant Olney (2008) Does SAT exhibit fractal behavior? [Report]

MoL-2008-03: Klarman, Szymon (2008) ABox Abduction in Description Logic. [Report]

PP-2008-10: Koolen, Wouter (2008) Temporary Unavailability Logic and General Modification Logic. [Report]

PP-2008-40: Kurzen, Lena (2008) A Logic for Cooperation, Actions and Preferences. [Report]

DS-2008-02: Liu, Fenrong (2008) Changing for the Better: Preference Dynamics and Agent Diversity. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

MoL-2008-07: Loohuis, Loes Olde (2008) Multi-Player Logics. [Report]

X-2008-04: Lorhard, Jacob and by Sara Uckelman, transl. (2008) Diagraph of Metaphysic or Ontology. [Report]

X-2008-07: Löwe, Benedikt (2008) Logic and the Simulation of Interaction and Reasoning: Introductory Remarks. [Report]

PP-2008-31: Löwe, Benedikt and Pacuit, Eric and Saraf, Sanchit (2008) Analyzing stories as games with mistaken and changing beliefs. [Report]

DS-2008-08: Nauze, Fabrice (2008) Modality in Typological Perspective. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2008-13: Ottens, Brammert and Endriss, Ulle (2008) Comparing Winner Determination Algorithms for Mixed Multi-unit Combinatorial Auctions. [Report]

MoL-2008-04: Pennings, Martijn (2008) A Konolige bridge between default logic and autoepistemic logic. [Report]

DS-2008-05: Rietveld, Erik (2008) Unreflective Action: A Philosophical Contribution to Integrative Neuroscience. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2008-09: Roelofsen, Floris (2008) Anaphora Resolved. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2008-38: Roelofsen, Floris and Aloni, Maria (2008) Perspectives on Concealed Questions. [Report]

PP-2008-18: Ros, Luca Motto and Semmes, Brian (2008) A New Proof of the Jayne-Rogers Theorem. [Report]

DS-2008-03: Roy, Olivier (2008) Thinking before Acting: Intentions, Logic, Rational Choice. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2008-20: Schärfe, Henrik and Uckelman, Sara L. (2008) Jacob Lorhard's ontology: a 17th century hypertext on the reality and temporality of the world of intelligibles. [Report]

MoL-2008-11: Sterken, Rachel (2008) Concatenation as a basis for Q and the Intuitionistic variant of Nelson's Classic Result. [Report]

PP-2008-43: Szymanik, Jakub (2008) The Computational Complexity of Quantified Reciprocals. [Report]

PP-2008-49: Szymanik, Jakub and Zajenkowski, Marcin (2008) Comprehension of Simple Quantifiers. Empirical Evaluation of a Computational Model. [Report]

PP-2008-28: Uckelman, Joel and Endriss, Ulle (2008) Preference Modeling by Weighted Goals with Max Aggregation. [Report]

PP-2008-12: Uckelman, Joel and Endriss, Ulle (2008) Winner Determination in Combinatorial Auctions with Logic-based Bidding Languages. [Report]

PP-2008-29: Uckelman, Sara (2008) Three 13th-century views of quantified modal logic. [Report]

PP-2008-51: Uckelman, Sara L. (2008) Logic and the condemnations of 1277. [Report]

PP-2008-50: Uckelman, Sara L. and Maat, Jaap and Rybalko, Katherina (2008) The art of doubting in Obligationes Parisienses. [Report]

DS-2008-06: Unger, Falk (2008) Noise in Quantum and Classical Computation and Non-locality. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2008-48: Velázquez-Quesada, Fernando R. (2008) Inference and Update. [Report]

DS-2008-01: Wehner, Stephanie (2008) Cryptography in a Quantum World. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

MoL-2008-12: Yang, Fan (2008) Intuitionistic Subframe Formulas, NNIL-Formulas and n-universal Models. [Report]

PP-2008-56: Zuidema, Willem and de Boer, Bart (2008) Evolutionary Explanations for Natural Language - Criteria from Evolutionary Biology. [Report]

PP-2008-25: de Jager, Tikitu and Löwe, Benedikt (2008) Nonmonotone game labellings. [Report]

DS-2008-07: de Rooij, Steven (2008) Minimum Description Length Model Selection: Problems and Extensions. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2008-05: van Benthem, Johan (2008) A Brief History of Natural Logic. [Report]

X-2008-09: van Benthem, Johan (2008) Constanten, of Variabelen, van het Logische Denken. [Report]

X-2008-01: van Benthem, Johan (2008) Een Postzegel vol Logica. [Report]

PP-2008-16: van Benthem, Johan (2008) For Better of for Worse: Dynamic Logics of Preference. [Report]

PP-2008-02: van Benthem, Johan (2008) Games that Make Sense: logic, language, and interaction. [Report]

PP-2008-03: van Benthem, Johan (2008) In Praise of Strategies. [Report]

PP-2008-09: van Benthem, Johan (2008) Information Update as Social Choice. [Report]

PP-2008-37: van Benthem, Johan (2008) The Information in Intuitionistic Logic. [Report]

PP-2008-01: van Benthem, Johan (2008) An Interview on the Philosophy of Information. [Report]

X-2008-11: van Benthem, Johan (2008) Logic and Philosophy in the Century That Was. [Report]

PP-2008-06: van Benthem, Johan (2008) Logic, Rational Agency, and Intelligent Interaction. [Report]

PP-2008-33: van Benthem, Johan (2008) Logical Pluralism Meets Logical Dynamics? [Report]

PP-2008-07: van Benthem, Johan (2008) The Many Faces of Interpolation. [Report]

PP-2008-36: van Benthem, Johan (2008) Merging Observation and Access in Dynamic Logic. [Report]

X-2008-02: van Benthem, Johan (2008) Philosophy of Mathematics: Five Candid Answers. [Report]

PP-2008-08: van Benthem, Johan (2008) 'Tell It Like It Is': information flow in logic. [Report]

PP-2008-30: van Benthem, Johan and Bonnay, Denis (2008) Modal Logic and Invariance. [Report]

PP-2008-17: van Benthem, Johan and Dègremont, Cedric (2008) Building bridges between dynamic and temporal doxastic logics. [Report]

PP-2008-34: van Benthem, Johan and Dégrémont, Cédric (2008) Multi-agent Belief Dynamics: Bridges between Dynamic Doxastic and Doxastic Temporal Logics. [Report]

PP-2008-35: van Benthem, Johan and Gerbrandy, Jelle and Hoshi, Tomohiro and Pacuit, Eric (2008) Merging Frameworks for Interaction. [Report]

PP-2008-19: van Benthem, Johan and Ikegami, Daisuke (2008) Modal Fixed-Point Logic and Changing Models. [Report]

PP-2008-04: van Benthem, Johan and Martinez, Maricarmen (2008) The Stories of Logic and Information. [Report]

MoL-2008-05: van Zelst, Luite Menno Pieter (2008) Modeling Computer Viruses. [Report]

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