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PP-2011-12: Airiau, Stéphane and Endriss, Ulle and Grandi, Umberto and Porello, Daniele and Uckelman, Joel (2011) Aggregating Dependency Graphs into Voting Agendas in Multi-Issue Elections. [Report]

MoL-2011-05: Arnoult, Sophie (2011) Smoothing a PBSMT Model by Factoring Out Adjuncts. [Report]


MoL-2011-13: Baartse, Willem M. (2011) Finding the phase transition for Friedman's long finite sequences. [Report]

PP-2011-01: Barmpalias, George and Lewis, Andrew E.M. (2011) Chaitin's halting probability and the compression of strings using oracles. [Report]

PP-2011-05: Barmpalias, George and Lewis, Andrew E.M. (2011) Measure and cupping in the Turing degrees. [Report]

X-2011-03: Besold, Tarek (2011) Computational Models of Analogy-Making. An Overview Analysis of Computational Approaches to Analogical Reasoning. [Report]

PP-2011-34: Bezhanishvili, Nick and de Jongh, Dick (2011) Extendible formulas in two variables in intuitionistic logic. [Report]

X-2011-04: Bod, Rens and Löwe, Benedikt and Saraf, Sanchit (2011) How much do formal narrative annotations differ? A Proppian case study. [Report]

DS-2011-11: Borensztajn, Gideon (2011) The neural basis of structure in language. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2011-09: Brendle, Jörg and Khomskii, Yurii (2011) Polarized partitions on the second level of the projective hierarchy. [Report]

DS-2011-07: Briët, Jop (2011) Grothendieck Inequalities, Nonlocal Games and Optimization. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.


MoL-2011-10: Chartier, Cian (2011) Tarski's Threat to the T-Schema. [Report]

MoL-2011-11: Christensen, Kasper Højbjerg (2011) Counterfactual Dependencies. [Report]

MoL-2011-09: Cornelisse, Irma (2011) Context Dependence of Epistemic Operators in Dynamic Evidence Logic. [Report]

X-2011-01: Crespo, María Inés and Gakis, Dimitris and Weidman-Sassoon (editors), Galit (2011) Proceedings of the Amsterdam Graduate Philosophy Conference - Truth, Meaning, and Normativity. [Report]


PP-2011-10: Dégremont, Cédric and Löwe, Benedikt and Witzel, Andreas (2011) The synchronicity of dynamic epistemic logic. [Report]


X-2011-02: Elkind, Edith and Endriss, Ulle and Lang, Jérôme (2011) IJCAI-2011 Workshop on Social Choice and Artificial Intelligence. [Report]

PP-2011-15: Endriss, Ulle (2011) Applications of Logic in Social Choice Theory. [Report]

PP-2011-06: Endriss, Ulle and Kraus, Sarit and Lang, Jérôme and Wooldridge, Michael (2011) Designing Incentives for Boolean Games. [Report]

PP-2011-35: Esakia, Leo and Löwe, Benedikt (2011) Fatal Heyting Algebras and Forcing Persistent Sentences. [Report]


MoL-2011-08: Frank, Ilan (2011) Information and Representation in Computational Social Choice. [Report]

MoL-2011-02: Fritz, Peter (2011) Matrices and Modalities: On the Logic of Two-Dimensional Semantics. [Report]


PP-2011-33: Galliani, Pietro (2011) Inclusion and Exclusion Dependencies in Team Semantics: On Some Logics of Imperfect Information. [Report]

PP-2011-04: Geist, Christian and Endriss, Ulle (2011) Automated Search for Impossibility Theorems in Social Choice Theory: Ranking Sets of Objects. [Report]

PP-2011-13: Grandi, Umberto and Endriss, Ulle (2011) Binary Aggregation with Integrity Constraints. [Report]

PP-2011-07: Grädel, Erich and Väänänen, Jouko (2011) Dependence and Independence. [Report]


X-2011-06: Henk, Paula (2011) A new perspective on the arithmetical completeness of GL. [Report]

PP-2011-18: Honingh, Aline and Bod, Rens (2011) Clustering and classification of music by interval categories. [Report]


MoL-2011-21: Jacinto, Bruno (2011) Consequence in Context: Two-Dimensional Semantics meets Logical Consequence. [Report]

MoL-2011-17: Jacobsz, Rogier (2011) The Cylindric Algebras of 4-Valued Logic. [Report]

MoL-2011-12: Johnston, Spencer C. (2011) Buridan's Theory of Logical Consequence. [Report]


DS-2011-06: Kaptein, Rianne (2011) Effective Focused Retrieval by Exploiting Query Context and Document Structure. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2011-05: Keskinen, Lauri (2011) Characterizing All Models in Infinite Cardinalities. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

PP-2011-08: Khomskii, Yurii (2011) William of Sherwood, singular propositions and the hexagon of opposition. [Report]

PP-2011-11: Khomskii, Yurii (2011) A general setting for the pointwise investigation of determinacy. [Report]

MoL-2011-04: Kiela, Douwe (2011) Variable Binding in Biologically Plausible Neural Networks. [Report]

DS-2011-03: Koolen, Marijn (2011) The Meaning of Structure: the Value of Link Evidence for Information Retrieval. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2011-01: Koolen, Wouter M. (2011) Combining Strategies Efficiently: High-Quality Decisions from Conflicting Advice. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2011-10: Kurzen, Lena (2011) Complexity in Interaction. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.


DS-2011-09: Leal, Raul Andres (2011) Modalities Through the Looking Glass: A study on coalgebraic modal logic and their applications. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

MoL-2011-14: Li, Zhenhao (2011) Degrees of Non-Determinacy and Game Logics on Cardinals under the Axiom of Determinacy. [Report]

PP-2011-03: Löwe, Benedikt (2011) Comparing formal frameworks of narrative structure. [Report]

PP-2011-17: Löwe, Benedikt (2011) Methodological remarks about comparing formal frameworks for narratives. [Report]

PP-2011-16: Löwe, Benedikt and Pacuit, Eric and Witzel, Andreas (2011) DEL planning and some tractable cases. [Report]


MoL-2011-15: Marti, Johannes (2011) Relation Liftings in Coalgebraic Modal Logic. [Report]

DS-2011-08: Minica, Stefan (2011) Dynamic Logic of Questions. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.


MoL-2011-16: Nesin, Gabriela Asli Rino (2011) Completing partial algebra models of term rewriting systems. [Report]


PP-2011-14: Porello, Daniele and Endriss, Ulle (2011) Ontology Merging as Social Choice. [Report]


MoL-2011-19: Reijngoud, Annemieke (2011) Voter Response to Iterated Poll Information. [Report]

PP-2011-37: Roelofsen, Floris (2011) An inquisitive dynamic epistemic logic. [Report]

MoL-2011-20: Rombout, Floor (2011) "|": Frege, Russell and Wittgenstein on the Judgment Stroke. [Report]


PP-2011-38: Sima'an, Khalil and de Buy Wenniger, Gideon Maillette (2011) Hierarchical Translation Equivalence over Word Alignments. [Report]

MoL-2011-01: Sterkenburg, Tom Florian (2011) Sequences with Trivial Initial Segment Complexity. [Report]


MoL-2011-07: Talebanfard, Navid (2011) Tightening the Compression Hierarchies. [Report]


DS-2011-02: Velazquez-Quesada, Fernando Raymundo (2011) Small steps in dynamics of information. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

MoL-2011-06: Venhuizen, Noortje Joost (2011) Negation in Questions. [Report]

PP-2011-32: van Benthem, Johan (2011) Dynamic Logic in Natural Language. [Report]

X-2011-05: van Benthem, Johan (2011) Epistemic Logic: Five Questions Interview. [Report]

PP-2011-20: van Benthem, Johan (2011) Exploring a Theory of Play. [Report]

PP-2011-25: van Benthem, Johan (2011) Logic between Expressivity and Complexity. [Report]

PP-2011-22: van Benthem, Johan (2011) Logic in a Social Setting. [Report]

PP-2011-26: van Benthem, Johan (2011) Logic, Mathematics, and General Agency. [Report]

PP-2011-21: van Benthem, Johan and Bezhanishvili, Nick and Hodkinson, Ian (2011) Sahlqvist Correspondence for Modal Mu-Calculus. [Report]

PP-2011-31: van Benthem, Johan and Dégrémont, Cédric (2011) Multi-agent belief dynamics: bridges between dynamic doxastic and doxastic temporal logics. [Report]

PP-2011-28: van Benthem, Johan and Gheerbrant, Amélie (2011) Game Solution, Epistemic Dynamics and Fixed-Point Logics. [Report]

PP-2011-02: van Benthem, Johan and Grossi, Davide (2011) Normal Forms for Priority Graphs. [Report]

PP-2011-29: van Benthem, Johan and Grossi, Davide and Liu, Fenrong (2011) On the Two Faces of Deontics: Semantic Betterness and Syntactic Priority. [Report]

PP-2011-24: van Benthem, Johan and Liu, Fenrong (2011) Deontic Logic and Changing Preferences. [Report]

PP-2011-19: van Benthem, Johan and Pacuit, Eric (2011) Dynamic Logics of Evidence-Based Beliefs. [Report]

PP-2011-27: van Benthem, Johan and Pacuit, Eric and Roy, Olivier (2011) Toward a Theory of Play: A Logical Perspective on Games and Interaction. [Report]

PP-2011-30: van Benthem, Johan and Velázquez-Quesada, Fernando (2011) The Dynamics of Awareness. [Report]

PP-2011-23: van Benthem, Johan and van Ditmarsch, Hans and Minica, Stefan (2011) Question-Answer Games. [Report]

MoL-2011-18: van Cranenburgh, Andreas (2011) Discontinuous Data-Oriented Parsing through Mild Context-Sensitivity. [Report]

PP-2011-36: van Emde Boas, Peter (2011) Turing Machines for Dummies: why representations do matter. [Report]


MoL-2011-03: Wortel, Lars (2011) Side Effects in Steering Fragments. [Report]


DS-2011-04: Zhang, Junte (2011) System Evaluation of Archival Description and Access. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

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