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PP-2019-14: Baltag, Alexandru and Özgün, Aybüke and Vargas, Ana Lucia (2019) Arbitrary Public Announcement Logic with Memory. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-08: Baltag, Alexandru and Bezhanishvili, Nick and Fernández González, Saúl (2019) The McKinsey-Tarski Theorem for Topological Evidence Logics. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-02: Baltag, Alexandru and van Benthem, Johan (2019) Some Thoughts on the Logic of Imprecise Observation. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-09: Bezhanishvili, Nick and de Groot, Jim and Venema, Yde (2019) Coalgebraic geometric logic. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-16: Chen, Weiwei and Endriss, Ulle (2019) Preservation of Semantic Properties in Collective Argumentation: The Case of Aggregating Abstract Argumentation Frameworks. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-30: Endriss, Ulle (2019) Analysis of One-to-One Matching Mechanisms via SAT Solving: Impossibilities for Universal Axioms. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-29: Endriss, Ulle (2019) Collective Information. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-10: Galeotti, Lorenzo (2019) Surreal Blum-Shub-Smale Machines. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-05: Passmann, Robert (2019) The de Jongh property for bounded constructive Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory. [Pre-print] (Submitted)

PP-2019-31: Proietti, Carlo and Grossi, Davide and Smets, Sonja and Velázquez-Quesada, Fernando R. (2019) Bipolar Argumentation Frameworks, Modal Logic and Semantic Paradoxes Authors. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-06: Shavrukov, V. Yu. (2019) R.e. prime powers and total rigidity. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-24: Solaki, Anthia (2019) Rule-based Reasoners in Epistemic Logic. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-25: Solaki, Anthia (2019) A dynamic epistemic logic for resource-bounded agents. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-12: Solaki, Anthia and Berto, Francesco and Smets, Sonja (2019) The Logic of Fast and Slow Thinking. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-26: Solaki, Anthia and Velázquez-Quesada, Fernando R. (2019) Towards a logical formalisation of Theory of Mind: a study on False Belief Tasks. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-19: Terzopoulou, Zoi and Endriss, Ulle (2019) Aggregating Incomplete Pairwise Preferences by Weight. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-28: Terzopoulou, Zoi and Endriss, Ulle (2019) Neutrality and Relative Acceptability in Judgment Aggregation. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-20: Terzopoulou, Zoi and Endriss, Ulle (2019) Optimal Truth-Tracking Rules for the Aggregation of Incomplete Judgments. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-17: Terzopoulou, Zoi and Endriss, Ulle (2019) Rethinking the Neutrality Axiom in Judgment Aggregation (Extended Abstract). [Pre-print]

PP-2019-18: Terzopoulou, Zoi and Endriss, Ulle (2019) Strategyproof Judgment Aggregation under Partial Information. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-21: de Haan, Ronald and Slavkovik, Marija (2019) Answer Set Programming for Judgment Aggregation. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-01: van Benthem, Johan (2019) Vistas from a Drop of Water. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-13: van Benthem, Johan and Bezhanishvili, Nick (2019) Modern faces of filtration. [Pre-print]

PP-2019-04: van Benthem, Johan and Klein, Dominik (2019) Logics for Analyzing Games. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-03: van Benthem, Johan and Liu, Fenrong (2019) Graph Games and Logic Design. [Pre-print] (Submitted)

PP-2019-11: van Benthem, Johan and Liu, Fenrong and Smets, Sonja (2019) Logico-Computational Aspects of Rationality. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-27: van Benthem, Johan and Mierzewski, Krzysztof and Zaffora Blando, Francesca (2019) The Modal Logic of Stepwise Removal. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-07: van Benthem, Johan and Westerstähl, Dag (2019) Generalized Quantifiers Meet Modal Neighborhood Semantics. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-22: van Emde Boas, Peter and van Emde Boas-Lubsen, Ghica (2019) The Rules of Victorious Warriors - revised version. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2019-23: van Emde Boas-Lubsen, Ghica and Zhao, Bonan and van Emde Boas, Peter (2019) Sun Tzu and the Rules of Victorious Warriors; Analysing the rules of Sun Tzu using Mind maps. [Pre-print]


MoL-2019-08: Adam-Day, Sam (2019) Polyhedral Completeness in Intermediate and Modal Logics. [Report]

MoL-2019-20: Belardinelli, Gaia (2019) Gatekeepers in Social Networks: Logics for Communicative Actions. [Report]

MoL-2019-24: Colley, Rachael H. (2019) Guaranteeing Feasible Outcomes in Judgment Aggregation. [Report]

MoL-2019-11: Degano, Marco (2019) Meaning through Time: A Diachronic and Semantic Study of Italian Free Choice. [Report]

MoL-2019-18: Ferrari, Matteo (2019) Questioning Philosophy. [Report]

MoL-2019-23: Ford, Chase (2019) Investigations into the Expressiveness of First-order Logic and Weak Path Automata on Infinite Trees. [Report]

MoL-2019-06: Franchini, Anna (2019) Space and the Continuum from Kant to Poincaré. [Report]

MoL-2019-22: Harding, Jacqueline (2019) Incorporating Preference Information into Formal Models of Transitive Proxy Voting. [Report]

MoL-2019-12: Henke, Tim (2019) The van Benthem Characterisation Theorem for Descriptive Models. [Report]

MoL-2019-14: Karačić, Tomislav (2019) The Informational View of Technologies in the Scientific Practice. [Report]

MoL-2019-26: Koutsoulis, Dimitrios (2019) Lifschitz Realizability for Homotopy Type Theory. [Report]

X-2019-01: Li, Dazhu (2019) Losing Connection: the Modal Logic of Definable Link Deletion. [Report]

MoL-2019-21: Lui, Ho-Yin (2019) Expressive Limitations and the Liar’s Revenge: A Strict-Tolerant Solution and A Pragmatic Solution For Dialetheism. [Report]

MoL-2019-04: Maia, Nuno (2019) Tennenbaum’s Theorem and Non-Classical Arithmetic. [Report]

MoL-2019-16: Martinot, Robin (2019) Sets and Categories: What Foundational Approaches Tell Us About Mathematical Thought. [Report]

MoL-2019-27: McKnight, John Hunter (2019) Quantum Shell Games: How to Classically Delegate the Preparation of Authenticated Quantum States. [Report]

MoL-2019-05: Oortwijn, Yvette (2019) Dynamic Set Theory. [Report]

MoL-2019-15: O’Connell, David (2019) Lorentzian Structures on Branching Spacetimes. [Report]

MoL-2019-19: Posdijk, Wouter (2019) The influence of the simplicity/informativeness trade-off on the sematic typology of quantifiers. [Report]

MoL-2019-25: Quadrellaro, Davide Emilio (2019) Lattices of DNA-Logics and Algebraic Semantics of Inquisitive Logic. [Report]

MoL-2019-28: Rosella, Giuliano (2019) A Truthmaker Semantics Approach to Modal Logic. [Report]

MoL-2019-09: Santamaría Legarda, David (2019) Defending Classes. [Report]

MoL-2019-01: Smaal, Kyah Elisabeth Mercedes (2019) Strategic manipulation in voting under higher-order reasoning. [Report]

MoL-2019-17: Vollmer, Michael (2019) On Logical Nihilism. [Report]

MoL-2019-10: Young Pedersen, Mina (2019) Polarization and Echo Chambers: A Logical Analysis of Balance and Triadic Closure in Social Networks. [Report]

MoL-2019-07: Zamperlin, Nicolò (2019) Intensional Kleene logics for vagueness. [Report]

MoL-2019-13: Zhao, Zhuoye (2019) Varieties of Distributivity: From Mandarin Dou to Plurality, Free Choice and Scalarity. [Report]

X-2019-02: van Benthem, Johan (2019) Inventory Scientific Archive 1961-2017, 2017–2022. [Report]

MoL-2019-02: van Stigt, Daan (2019) Neural language models with latent syntax. [Report]

MoL-2019-03: van den Heuvel, Bas (2019) The Logic of Fault-Tolerance in Message-Passing Concurrency. [Report]


DS-2019-02: Bergfeld, Jort (2019) Quantum logics for expressing and proving the correctness of quantum programs. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2019-04: Galeotti, Lorenzo (2019) The theory of the generalised real numbers and other topics in logic. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2019-03: Gilyén, András (2019) Quantum Singular Value Transformation & Its Algorithmic Applications. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

HDS-31: Krabbe, Erik C.W. (2019) Studies in Dialogical Logic. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2019-07: Lauridsen, Frederik Möllerström (2019) Cuts and Completions: Algebraic aspects of structural proof theory. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2019-05: Theiler, Nadine (2019) Taking a unified perspective: Resolutions and highlighting in the semantics of attitudes and particles. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2019-01: Vaquero, Carlos (2019) What Makes A Performer Unique? Idiosyncrasies and commonalities in expressive music performance. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

HDS-32: and Martin Stokhof, Jeroen Groenendijk (2019) Studies on the Semantics of Questions and the Pragmatics of Answers. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

HDS-30: de Vrijer, Roel (2019) Surjective pairing and strong normalization: two themes in lambda calculus. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2019-06: der Gulik, Peter T.S. van (2019) Considerations in Evolutionary Biochemistry. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

HDS-29: der Hoeven, Gerrit Frans van (2019) Projections of Lawless Sequences. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

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