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CT-1993-05: Aarts, Erik (1993) Proving Theorems of the Lambek Calculus of Order 2 in Polynomial Time. [Report]

LP-1993-13: Alechina, Natasha (1993) Binary Quantifiers and Relational Semantics. [Report]

CT-1993-06: Apt, Krzysztof R. (1993) Declarative programming in Prolog. [Report]


LP-1993-15: Beaver, David Ian (1993) What comes first in Dynamic Semantics. [Report]

CL-1993-03: Blackburn, Patrick and Gardent, Claire and Meyer-Viol, Wilfried (1993) Talking about Trees. [Report]

DS-1993-02: Buhrman, Harry (1993) Resource Bounded Reductions. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

LP-1993-07: Buszkowski, Wojciech (1993) On the Equivalence of Lambek Categorial Grammars and Basic Categorial Grammars. [Report]


ML-1993-07: Chagrov, A.V. and Chagrova, L.A. (1993) Algorithmic Problems Concerning First-Order Definability of Modal Formulas on the Class of All Finite Frames. [Report]

ML-1993-17: Chagrov, Alexander and Zakharyaschev, Michael (1993) On the Independent Axiomatizability of Modal and Intermediate Logics. [Report]

ML-1993-20: Chagrova, L.A. and de Jongh, Dick (1993) The Decidability of Dependency in Intuitionistic Propositional Logic. [Report]


ML-1993-10: Danos, Vincent and Joinet, Jean-Baptiste and Schellinx, Harold (1993) The Structure of Exponentials: Uncovering the Dynamics of Linear Logic Proofs. [Report]

DS-1993-01: Dekker, Paul (1993) Transsentential Meditations; Ups and downs in dynamic semantics. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

X-1993-01: Dekker, Paul (1993) Existential Disclosure (revised version of LP-1990-17). [Report]

LP-1993-06: Dekker, Paul (1993) Updates in Dynamic Semantics. [Report]

ML-1993-15: Dzhaparidze, G.K. (1993) Effective Truth. [Report]

ML-1993-14: de Jongh, Dick and Visser, Albert (1993) Embeddings of Heyting Algebras (superseded by ML-1995-06). [Report]

DS-1993-04: de Rijke, Maarten (1993) Extending Modal Logic. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

ML-1993-16: de Rijke, Maarten (1993) Correspondence Theory for Extended Modal Logics. [Report]

X-1993-02: de Rijke, Maarten (1993) What is Modal Logic? [Report]

LP-1993-12: der Does, Jaap van (1993) On Complex Plural Noun Phrases. [Report]

LP-1993-05: der Does, Jaap van (1993) Sums and Quantifiers. [Report]


CT-1993-02: Fischer, Sophie (1993) A Note on the Complexity of Local Search Problems. [Report]


DS-1993-05: Hendriks, Herman (1993) Studied Flexibility. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

ML-1993-11: Hendriks, Lex (1993) Inventory of Fragments and Exact Models in Intuitionistic Propositional Logic. [Report]

ML-1993-19: Hoofman, Raymond (1993) Comparing Models of the Non-Extensional Typed l-Calculus. [Report]

ML-1993-08: Hoofman, Raymond and Moerdijk, Ieke (1993) Remarks on the Theory of Semi-Functors. [Report]

ML-1993-05: Hoofman, Raymond and Schellinx, Harold (1993) Models of the Untyped l-calculus in Semi Cartesian Closed Categories. [Report]

LP-1993-08: Huang, Zisheng and van Emde Boas, Peter (1993) Information Acquisition from Multi-Agent resources; abstract. [Report]


CL-1993-02: Janssen, Theo M.V. (1993) An Algebraic View On Rosetta. [Report]


CT-1993-01: Kalsbeek, Marianne (1993) The Vanilla Meta-Interpreter for Definite Logic Programs and Ambivalent Syntax. [Report]

LP-1993-09: Kanazawa, Makoto (1993) Completeness and Decidability of the Mixed Style of Inference with Composition. [Report]

LP-1993-02: Kanazawa, Makoto (1993) Dynamic Generalized Quantifiers and Monotonicity. [Report]

LP-1993-10: Kanazawa, Makoto (1993) Weak vs. Strong Readings of Donkey Sentences and Monotonicity Inference in a Dynamic Setting. [Report]

ML-1993-01: Kandulski, Maciej (1993) Commutative Lambek Categorial Grammars. [Report]

ML-1993-21: Kanovich, Max I. (1993) The Relational Knowledge-Base Interpretation and Feasible Theorem Proving for Intuitionistic Propositional Logic. [Report]

CT-1993-04: Kwast, Karen L. and van Denneheuvel, Sieger (1993) The Meaning of Duplicates in the Relational Database Model. [Report]


X-1993-03: Leezenberg, Michiel (1993) Gorani Influence on Central Kurdish: Substratum or Prestige Borrowing. [Report]


LP-1993-11: Moltmann, Friederike (1993) Resumptive Quantifiers in Exception Sentences. [Report]


LP-1993-03: Pankrat'ev, Nikolai (1993) Completeness of the Lambek Calculus with respect to Relativized Relational Semantics. [Report]

ML-1993-03: Pentus, Mati (1993) The Conjoinablity Relation in Lambek Calculus and Linear Logic. [Report]

LP-1993-14: Pentus, Mati (1993) Lambek Calculus is L-complete. [Report]

CT-1993-07: Pomykala, Janusz A. (1993) Approximation, Similarity and Rough Constructions, Part I. Elementary Introduction. [Report]

ML-1993-04: Prijatelj, Andreja (1993) Bounded Contraction and Many-Valued Semantics. [Report]

ML-1993-22: Prijatelj, Andreja (1993) Connectification for $n$-contraction. [Report]


ML-1993-12: Shavrukov, V.Yu. (1993) Remarks on Uniformly Finitely Precomplete Positive Equivalences. [Report]

ML-1993-13: Shavrukov, V.Yu. (1993) Undecidability in Diagonizable Algebras. [Report]

LP-1993-01: Spaan, Martijn (1993) Parallel Quantification. [Report]


ML-1993-09: Troelstra, A.S. (1993) Natural Deduction for Intuitionistic Linear Logic. [Report]

X-1993-04: Troelstra (editor), A.S. (1993) Metamathematical Investigation of Intuitionistic Arithmetic and Analysis, Corrections to the First Edition. [Report]

X-1993-05: Troelstra (editor), A.S. (1993) Metamathematical Investigation of Intuitionistic Arithmetic and Analysis, Second, corrected Edition. [Report]

DS-1993-06: Tromp, John (1993) Aspects of Algorithms and Complexity. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.


DS-1993-03: Verbrugge, Rineke (1993) Efficient Metamathematics. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

ML-1993-02: van Benthem, Johan and Alechina, Natasha (1993) Modal Quantification over Structured Domains. [Report]

CT-1993-03: van Benthem, Johan and Bergstra, Jan (1993) Logic of Transition Systems. [Report]

LP-1993-04: van Leeuwen, Jacques (1993) Identity, Quarrelling with an Unproblematic Notion. [Report]

CL-1993-01: van Leusen, Noor and Kálmán, László (1993) The Interpretation of Free Focus. [Report]

ML-1993-18: van Oosten, Jaap (1993) Extensional Realizability. [Report]


X-1993-06: Zakharyashev, Michael (1993) Canonical Formulas for K4. Part II: Cofinal Subframe Logics. [Report]

ML-1993-06: Zashev, J. (1993) Categorial Generalization of Algebraic Recursion Theory. [Report]

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