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PP-2021-09: Ahmed, Rasyan and Zuidema, Willem and Lentz, Tom (2021) Modelling EEG responses to spoken narration. [Pre-print] (Unpublished)

PP-2021-07: Baltag, Alexandru and Bezhanishvili, Nick and Fernandez Duque, David (2021) The topological mu-calculus: completeness and decidability. [Pre-print]

PP-2021-05: Bezhanishvili, Guram and Bezhanishvili, Nick and Moraschini, Tommaso and Stronkowski, Michal (2021) Profiniteness and representability of spectra of Heyting algebras. [Pre-print]

PP-2021-06: Bezhanishvili, Guram and Bezhanishvili, Nick and de Groot, Jim (2021) A coalgebraic approach to dualities for neighbourhood frames. [Pre-print]

PP-2021-01: Carl, Merlin and Galeotti, Lorenzo and Passmann, Robert (2021) Randomising Realisability. [Pre-print] (Submitted)

MoL-2021-24: Osinski, Jonathan (2021) Symbiosis and Compactness Properties. [Pre-print]

PP-2021-10: van Benthem, Johan and Icard, Thomas (2021) Interfacing Logic and Counting. [Pre-print] (Submitted)

PP-2021-03: van Benthem, Johan (2021) An Abstract Look at the Fixed-Point Theorem for Provability Logic. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2021-04: van Benthem, Johan (2021) Lof der Onmogelijkheid. [Pre-print] (In Press)

PP-2021-02: van Benthem, Johan (2021) Relational Patterns, Partiality, and Set Lifting in Modal Semantics. [Pre-print] (Submitted)


MoL-2021-10: Ade, Leyla (2021) Iterative Goal-Based Voting. [Report]

MoL-2021-03: Anttila, Aleksi (2021) The Logic of Free Choice Axiomatizations of State-based Modal Logics. [Report]

MoL-2021-22: Cleani, Antonio Maria (2021) Translational Embeddings via Stable Canonical Rules. [Report]

MoL-2021-18: Dmitrieva, Anna (2021) Positive modal logic beyond distributivity: duality, preservation and completeness. [Report]

MoL-2021-05: Fornasiere, Damiano (2021) Representable Forests and Diamond Systems. [Report]

MoL-2021-20: Gougeon, Quentin (2021) The Expressive Power of Derivational Modal Logic. [Report]

MoL-2021-21: Hui, Terence (2021) A Compositional Analysis of Dependence Statements. [Report]

MoL-2021-12: Jaramillo, Mateo C. (2021) Epistemic Logics for Cryptographic Protocols and Zero-Knowledge Proofs. [Report]

MoL-2021-25: Kortenbach, Bas (2021) The Classicality of Epistemic Multilateral Logic. [Report]

MoL-2021-28: Kroes, Pepijn (2021) Finiteness, Invariance, and Analogy: A Minimal Model for Adaptive Processes. [Report]

MoL-2021-23: Køhlert, Sebastian N. (2021) Measuring What Exactly? A Critique of Causal Modelling in Atheoretical Econometrics. [Report]

MoL-2021-04: Louwrink, Daniël (2021) A Separation Logic for Stacked Borrows. [Report]

MoL-2021-14: Michelini, Matteo (2021) When Being the Fifth Wheel Pays Off: Wisdom of the Crowds with Costly Information. [Report]

MoL-2021-17: Motamed, Nima (2021) Multivalued Coalgebraic Modal Logic for Multiagent Systems and Multiplayer Games. [Report]

MoL-2021-27: Oddsson, Hrafn Valtýr (2021) Paradefinite Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory: A Theory of Inconsistent and Incomplete Sets. [Report]

MoL-2021-11: Pinton, Lorenzo (2021) You may like or dislike this thesis, and I do care which. An inquiry into sluicing and free choice. [Report]

MoL-2021-15: Schoen, Ezra (2021) Relation Lifting and Coalgebraic Logic. [Report]

MoL-2021-16: Siemers, Maximilian (2021) Hyperintensional Logics for Evidence, Knowledge and Belief. [Report]

MoL-2021-13: Smiles, John Fergus William (2021) Learning Deterministic Finite Automata with Signed Examples: An Investigation into the Role of Entropy in Optimal Model Selection. [Report]

MoL-2021-09: Tsiaxiras, Jason (2021) Strategic Voting under Incomplete Information in Approval-Based Committee Elections. [Report]

MoL-2021-06: Varricchione, Giovanni (2021) Complexity of Locally Fair Allocations on Graphs. [Report]

MoL-2021-08: Vonlanthen, Simon Dominik (2021) Natural Language and Logical Consequence: An Inferentialist Account. [Report]

MoL-2021-19: Wehr, Dominik (2021) An Abstract Framework for the Analysis of Cyclic Derivations. [Report]

X-2021-01: Wehr, Dominik (2021) Aczel's Type-Theoretic Interpretation of Constructive Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory. [Report]

MoL-2021-01: Zenger, Lukas (2021) Proof theory for fragments of the modal mu-calculus. [Report]

MoL-2021-07: de Graaf, David Joël (2021) "A partition calculus in set theory" by Erdös and Rado for readers from the twenty-first century. [Report]

MoL-2021-02: van Woerkom, Wijnand Koen (2021) Algebraic models of type theory. [Report]

MoL-2021-26: van der Kamp, Luca (2021) The Epistemic Logic of Full Communication and Social Networks: An Analysis of Mediation and Network Formation. [Report]


DS-2021-04: Arnoult, Sophie (2021) Adjunction in Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-02: Booij, Elbert J. (2021) The Things Before Us: On What it Is to Be an Object. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-11: Botan, Sirin (2021) Strategyproof Social Choice for Restricted Domains. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-05: Chartier, Cian Guilfoyle (2021) A Pragmatic Defense of Logical Pluralism. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-12: Cohen, Michael (2021) Dynamic Introspection. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-01: Dulek, Yfke (2021) Delegated and Distributed Quantum Computation. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-03: Hashemi, Seyyed Hadi (2021) Modeling Users Interacting with Smart Devices. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-10: Hornischer, Levin (2021) Dynamical Systems via Domains: Toward a Unified Foundation of Symbolic and Non-symbolic Computation. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-13: Li, Dazhu (2021) Formal Threads in the Social Fabric: Studies in the Logical Dynamics of Multi-Agent Interaction. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-14: Piedrafita, Álvaro (2021) On Span Programs and Quantum Algorithms. Doctoral thesis, Universiteit van Amsterdam.

DS-2021-08: Schlichtkrull, Michael Sejr (2021) Incorporating Structure into Neural Models for Language Processing. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-07: Solaki, Anthia (2021) Logical Models for Bounded Reasoners. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-06: Terzopoulou, Zoi (2021) Collective Decisions with Incomplete Individual Opinions. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

DS-2021-09: Uemura, Taichi (2021) Abstract and Concrete Type Theories. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam.

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